An unofficial companion to the DragonRuby documentation

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Ruby for Dragons

An unofficial companion to the DragonRuby documentation.

Welcome to the Ruby for Dragons wiki!

If you don’t have any programming experience, we suggest you start on the ABC Tutorial for New Programmers.

If you have programming experience, we recommend you start with the Ruby on Wings page. Even if you’ve used Ruby before, reading this page will help you understand how to use it with DragonRuby.

The official documentation for DragonRuby is at
Join the community discord for more help: (It’s where most of this information is from).


This is a place to document anything developed for the DragonRuby community, that isn’t documented in the sample apps or official documentation. Anything published to this wiki will be considered Public Domain.

Do not submit copyrighted information, files, or documents to this wiki. This includes, but is not limited to:

Contribution Style Guide

About the Wiki

The DragonRuby community is amazingly helpful and friendly, and the community discord is full of helpful information, projects, and people. However, we are all programmers, and programmers aren’t always the best at organizing information. Some of us found that the official documentation was opaque and difficult to navigate. We had all created our own repositories, cheat sheets, and libraries to help us find the information that we use the most.

This wiki is a consolidation of the community coming together to organize those cheat sheets and libraries into one, easy to navigate location.

The “Ruby on Wings” page was originally contributed by Kniknoo, and does an excellent job onboarding new Dragonriders. Other contributions are credited above each page/code block.

The wiki is hosted through Github Pages, and therefore uses Jekyll to serve content. There is an unplubilished template page in the root of the github repo. Copy the template to a new file and change indexed: to true to publish the page. New pages are automatically indexed in the sitemap. You can view the “compiled” template here.